Freelance translator Dutch-English/English-Dutch
Fulltime at your service ever since 1993


Are you looking for a translator and/or proof reader then you are in luck for I am a sworn translator of English and am specialised in financial, fiscal and legal English.

However, you cannot only come to me for translations to and from the English but also for the editorial perfectioning of your existing documents.  In both cases you have the guarantee of an attractively formulated text that has been fully adjusted to the intended target group.

Skills and experience

  •  an excellent knowledge of the source language (Dutch) and the target language (English)
  •  excellent general knowledge and a wide knowledge of language cultural aspects (especially of the difference between British and American English) as well as of the interference between Dutch and English (‘Dunglish’)
  •  experienced in the translation of assignments from Dutch to English and vice versa
  •  experienced in reviewing English texts written by Dutch people
  •  experienced in managing translational memories with the aid of Trados, Wordfast or other CAT-tools
  •  experienced in all kinds of Windows applications

Personal characteristics

  •  excellent contactual skills and a serviceable attitude towards clients (both internally and externally)
  •  independent
  •  flexible
  •  precise
  •  wide interest
  •  immune to stress
  •  high work pace, while maintaining quality and due professional care
  •  sound time management

What do I have to offer you?
A professional translation needs not be expensive. I offer you a pure translation at a low rate starting from 0,14 EUR a word. This rate covers all possible translational activities from Dutch to English and from English to Dutch such as:

  •  websites
  •  letters / correspondence / resumes
  •  brochures
  •  manuals / workbooks
  •  (quality) manuals
  •  presentations
  •  forms
  •  general terms and conditions /articles of association
  •  books / literature.